Introducing #BaristaCare to provide you with support during Covid-19

United Baristas has instigated an industry-wide project to better support baristas and coffee professionals during the Covid-19 outbreak

Today United Baristas is launching #BaristaCare to provide the coffee community with practical support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Care Packs

The first action is to provide Care Packs to as many furloughed baristas and coffee professionals as we possibly can.

By working with collection of like-minded coffee businesses, we have be able to raise the funds and coordinate necessary logistics, marketing and product support to be able to supply over 200 Care Packs to people who work in the UK coffee industry who have been impacted by Covid-19. We are hoping to raise funds to be able to provide as many as 500 packs!

Care packs include:

  • Coffee – donated
  • Oatly – donated
  • Mr Black – donated
  • London Coffee Festival ticket – donated
  • Groceries and preserves (suitable for vegetarians)
  • Chocolate and treats
  • Toilet roll!

If you’re a furloughed UK barista or professional, register now for your Care Pack. And tell your colleagues, especially those that will benefit the most.

#BaristaCare collaborators

At the time of writing #BaristaCare has received funding commitments from Oatly, Allegra Group, La Marzocco; product donations from Brewed by Hand, Mr Black, the London Coffee Festival, various coffee roasteries; and logistics support from Caffeine magazine and Allegra.

We are actively working to firm up more support, and there are a number of ways coffee businesses and coffee drinkers can support #BaristaCare – further information is available here or contact us to discuss specific donations.

Together we want to see the coffee community supported during the present challenges.

The coffee industry is built on a vibrant community, and it is great to see this community come together to support each other in this hour of need. It demonstrates our character and values – and positions us well as we tackle the future and what lies ahead.

Let’s all lend a helping hand and do what we can.