Open Door

Tim’s door is open for coffee people

Most weeks United Baristas founder Tim Ridley opens his office door so coffee people can ask him pretty much anything.

Pose a question, offer a perspective, provide feedback or share your vision for the future of coffee or United Baristas.

Tim has over a decade’s experience in the coffee industry and pursues his interests tackling coffee’s carbon footprint, enhancing business viability and improving work from crop to cup.

Tim opens his door most weeks to people from across the coffee industry

A one-time coffee shop proprietor, Tim also has a sound understanding of shop formats, business models and the economics of the coffee industry at the retail end of the supply chain.

Times are available most weeks and released a fortnight in advance. Calls typically take place on Zoom, Discord or WhatsApp. Booking is essential.

If you require help using United Baristas, visit Help Centre for immediate information and support.