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United Baristas operates services to connect the coffee industry. We also write acclaimed articles, are working to increase industry sustainability and run events. Here’s how you can sign up and engage with the activities that are right for you.

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United Baristas three services that connect the coffee industry. To start using any of these services, just sign up – it’s free.

United Baristas Equipment

Baristas and coffee business owners use United Baristas Equipment to make tastier coffee and run a viable coffee business.

United Baristas Jobs

Find your next coffee job or recruit for your coffee business. You can set up Job Alerts that match your specific search requirements.

United Baristas Market

Buy and sell anything coffee-related, directly with other baristas

We also offer support choosing the right services

Onboarding appointment

Book a one-to-one sessions for coffee business owners and managers wanting to either find out more or onboard to United Baristas.

We can teach you how things work, advise you on the best options for your business objectives, and help you get set up.

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Connect with United Baristas to find out what’s happening at United Baristas HQ and across the coffee community.


View the latest insights, opinion and actionable information for baristas and coffee people. Plus with United Baristas Radio listen to thought-provoking ideas and actionable information while on the go.

Industry Sustainability

United Baristas is working to build a viable and vibrant coffee industry.


Connect with the coffee community at industry events.


Subscribe to your personal edit of United Baristas newsletters and be updated on services and industry issues that matter to you.

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