Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2024

Coffee is so much more than just a drink. It is the center of a vibrant, creative lifestyle with a unique atmosphere shaped by the people who are so passionate about it.

London Coffee Festival 2024

The LCF was born out of love for the UK coffee scene.

Eleven years ago when London was rapidly becoming the most exciting coffee city on Earth, it was obvious what had to happen… a party had to be thrown, and The London Coffee Festival was born.

With over 7,000 visitors and 100 exhibitors in its first year, it became pretty clear that the festival was giving the coffee and creative community exactly what it wanted – and what London’s speciality coffee scene deserved, and it still does! This year 30,000 creative urbanites and industry professionals are expected to attend.

So what should you expect from the event? All the tastings your heart could desire? Check. Demonstrations from world-class baristas and interactive workshops? Of course. Live music, DJs, art exhibitions and coffee-based cocktails? Obviously.