London Coffee Festival 2024

The LCF was born out of love for the UK coffee scene.

Eleven years ago when London was rapidly becoming the most exciting coffee city on Earth, it was obvious what had to happen… a party had to be thrown, and The London Coffee Festival was born.

With over 7,000 visitors and 100 exhibitors in its first year, it became pretty clear that the festival was giving the coffee and creative community exactly what it wanted – and what London’s speciality coffee scene deserved, and it still does! This year 30,000 creative urbanites and industry professionals are expected to attend.

So what should you expect from the event? All the tastings your heart could desire? Check. Demonstrations from world-class baristas and interactive workshops? Of course. Live music, DJs, art exhibitions and coffee-based cocktails? Obviously.

Special Guests – a cupping of exceptional coffees, with Paul Ross

Enjoy an edit of delicious coffees from some of the best producers with Paul Ross from Special Guests.

It’ll get you taste buds zinging before we explore opportunities around communicating flavour to customers, supporting producers and how to further develop peoples’ coffee drinking habits.

You can just turn up. First in, first served. The cupping is free to attend, registration is required for Caffè Culture.

Making Specialty Coffee, Fast

Moderated by Sam, owner of two coffee shops in London, this panel explores the technology, workflows and demands of serving quality coffee at pace.

A Living Income for Coffee Producers, ICO

Immediately following the 5th World Coffee Conference (23 September to 1 October 2023) the International Coffee Organization will unpack their new research establishing a Living Income for coffee producers and create a new floor price for coffee that can help the industry better support coffee farmers and play an important role in supporting the global sustainable development objectives.

Finding Coffee Shop Sites, with Rob Fay, Londonsuper

Finding a suitable site for your coffee business can be challenging. As well as identifying suitable locations, it’s necessary to navigate agents, landlords and solicitors as well as rent deposits, convanants and planning.

Rob Fay has over two decades experience working with some of the biggest names in property, and has worked with key people in the coffee industry. Plus, he’s part-owner of north London coffee shop Wildcard.

In this talk Rob provides analysis on the current state of the market, future trends and how proprietors can develop attractive propositions for landlords to help get the best locations and deals possible.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

This event is part of Total Coffee talks at Caffè Culture show 2023. It is free to attend, but show registration is required. Just follow the link before to register and set your coffee business up for success in the year ahead.

Total Coffee

Each session explores the interesting opportunties facing the coffee industry from beans to business, recruitment to refractometers.

With sessions for baristas, managers and business owners, Tim draws on firsthand experience to identify challenges and next steps for the industry’s progress. Across the range of talks, panels and conversations you’ll met experts and practitioners to discover inspiring ideas for your work in coffee.

Programme announcement coming soon.

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Nottingham Coffee Festival 2023

This year we will be welcoming over 1000 people who want to meet, enjoy and learn from local roasters, shops and speciality coffee brands.

There will be opportunities to meet the people behind the brands and chances to try your hand at some latte art alongside industry pro’s and Barista Champions.


Milan Coffee Festival 2023

The Festival will feature live experiences from coffee, food and equipment suppliers. Visitors will enjoy endless free coffee tastings, interactive workshops, demonstrations from world-class baristas, delicious street food, coffee cocktails and so much more.

Based on the highly successful programs in London, Amsterdam and New York, this caffeinated event is an unmissable show for all serious coffee lovers and those working in the coffee industry.

The Festival will take place at Superstudio Più. This highly popular and iconic venue fits perfectly with the creative and boundary-pushing experience that we seek to achieve.