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Coffee creates opportunity

United Baristas is working with like-minded baristas and coffee companies to explore how specialty coffee can better support the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability in Coffee

12% of people living in the coffee-growing regions of the world live in poverty. Many of the poorest live in rural areas.

The global poverty line was updated in autumn 2022 to $2.15. Living under the poverty line means you earn less than about £1.80 per day.

Across the globe around 25 million farming families depend on coffee for their livelihood. As many as 100 million people earn income across the coffee supply chain.

In 2015 the United Nations identified 17 goals for sustainable development. Specialty coffee can play a role in achieving these goals.

Sustainability agenda

From crop to cup, there are many ways to align coffee businesses with the sustainable development goals. United Baristas communicates options for baristas and coffee businesses.

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Gainful employment

United Baristas Jobs connects coffee people with jobs in the coffee industry. We’ve also been long-time advocates of the Living Wage Foundation and regularly publish articles on life, work and careers in coffee.

Life and Work in Coffee

Our Activities

Supporting coffee businesses

United Baristas champions best practice for starting, building and running a viable coffee business. For example in 2019 we introduced a market to make an easier way to start and grow a coffee business, and new opportunities existing proprietors to exit. And coffee business managers and owners regularly use our articles to enhance the financial performance of their coffee businesses.

Careers and wellbeing

Following on from our 2017 Barista Life project, we launched United Baristas Jobs to provide better and clearer coffee jobs information and career progression within the industry. In 2020 we have relaunched Barista Life to explore health and wellbeing issues for people working in the coffee industry.

Tackling climate change

United Baristas was founded in 2015 with a vision to reduce the coffee industry’s environmental impacts through the better allocation of equipment. United Baristas services have expanded since then to included the better procurement and maintenance of coffee equipment .

In 2019 we commenced a project to better understand and communicate the coffee industry’s carbon footprint, from crop to cup. As the majority of carbon emissions come from the making and drinking of coffee, it falls to us to lower our impacts to ensure coffee ongoing survival of the crop and protect the livelihoods of farmers.

Coffee farmers

United Baristas supports coffee farmers in need of finance through Kiva. To date we have provided over $1,000 USD of credit to over 40 farmers and co-ops in 12 coffee producing countries.

Our Values

For the coffee industry to be sustainable we need to work to make it commercially viable, socially just and safeguard the environment.

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