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Able's reusable stainless steel filters for Aeropress are less hassle, less wasteful and more tasty. Made in the USA, Disk is available in fine or standard options. Price drop: £9.90 ea.

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How United Baristas Uses your Personal Information

With General Data Protection Regulation just around the corner, we explain how United Baristas manages your personal information and the principles that guide us

United Baristas was started to better connect coffee businesses and baristas as the specialty coffee industry quickly grew, and then became increasingly fragmented. Our industry experience allows us to understand that there are certain functions that are better conducted at an industry level that no single company or individual can tackle. There’s an element of sweet irony that it is the fragmented and modular nature of digital technologies and the internet itself that has allowed us to build a variety of services that better connects the coffee community.

General Data Protection Regulation
Digital technologies have progressed to the point where its often not necessary to actually build things; rather one assembles components linking together various cloud services and software products to create a bespoke product.

For those of you that are not familiar with how digital technology has progressed it’s important to explain that it’s often not necessary to actually build things in the traditional sense; rather one assembles components linking together various cloud services and software products. If you grew up in the mechanical age, then digital is now at the point where you can often go out and buy a boiler, a PID and a variety of other components and then assemble them to make a bespoke espresso machine. A good example is that it doesn’t make functional, financial or security sense for us to build a login platform to manage users across the various United Baristas services and websites, so we use an off-the-shelf product to perform this function. Auth0 is used by many companies and they have developed a purpose-built product, backed with superior engineering, infrastructure and technical expertise, and their overview of managing logins across the internet gives them additional data and insights which allows them to provide greater security that we ever could.

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Coffee Career Tips from Chris Baca

Want to build a successful career in coffee?
Chris Baca shares the things he wishes someone had told him earlier.

With more and more baristas interested in building a career in the coffee industry, we love it when people share their personal journeys and insights.

Chris explains that its probably not your coffee-making skills holding you back. Rather learn how to better lead and help others, communicate with your audience and elevate the organisations you’re involved in.

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