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It takes many hands to make a single cup of coffee.

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From crop to cup, there are many people involved in the service of a coffee. Use United Baristas Services to achieve your goals.

United Baristas Services


Connecting buyers with sellers of coffee businesses and leases

United Baristas Business supports coffee entrepreneurs and business owners by facilitating the sale and purchase of coffee businesses and leases.

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Connects the industry’s talent with coffee companies

United Baristas Careers supports the future viability of the industry and prospects of those who work in it. Find out how to take the next step in your coffee career.

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Buy and sell used equipment directly with other baristas

When baristas and business have equipment that best suits their needs they are better equipped to reach their goals – and equipment is kept in use throughout its full working life.

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Better source and maintain your coffee equipment

Use United Baristas Workshop to identify coffee equipment suitable for your needs, learn how to maintain it, and identify accredited coffee engineers near you.

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Coffee is one of the most exciting, diverse, and dynamic industries. Here’s some of the people, places & equipment we encounter.

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