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Able's reusable stainless steel filters for Aeropress are less hassle, less wasteful and more tasty. Made in the USA, Disk is available in fine or standard options. Price drop: £9.90 ea.

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What’s Wrong With Tweeting? A bird in the hand is meant to be worth two in the bush

n the early days of London’s specialty coffee scene every opening, new coffee and >>> travelled like wildfire through the specialty coffee community because of Twitter.

Specialty coffee consumer brands are vacating Twitter, United Baristas shares some observations and looks to the future of our Twitter feed

We periodically review our communication channels to ascertain their worthwhileness. Over time it’s easy for an organisation to do more, without deciding what it should be doing less of. Continue reading What’s Wrong With Tweeting? A bird in the hand is meant to be worth two in the bush