United Baristas values your privacy

Individuals and business across the coffee industry need to have the security to be able to conduct their affairs and advance their interests in confidence

The United Baristas approach to privacy allows you to work with confidence

Privacy is a fundamental United Baristas value

United Baristas is committed to protecting individual and commercial privacy when using our services while ensuring our platforms are fit-for-purpose for all members of our community.

We store any information we gather on secure servers, share this information only to the extent that is necessary to provide our services and do not loan or sell this information to third parties without specific user consent.

Recognising that in the course of our operations we regularly encounter sensitive information, we also are committed to operating with discretion in our personal and commercial activities and we seek to promote these values and approaches amongst the broader coffee industry.

United Baristas collects information from members of our community to be able to provide our services and activities

Information you supply is held as part of our data protection and privacy policy and our terms and conditions of use

You can find out more about our approach gathering and managing your personal information in this article explaining how we use your personal information.

Managing your data

You can update your information or close your account at any time. Please note that you should update the information for each of the United Baristas services you use.

To have the personal information we hold about you deleted, please request an account erasure request and provide your name, email addresses and an overview of the United Baristas services you have used. Some transactional information may be retained or anonymsed where required by law.

United Baristas services and websites use cookies for functionality, personalisation, tracking, performance, marketing and security as detailed in our cookies information and policy. Learn how we use cookies and how you can update your preferences.

Managing how we contact you

You can manage and update your preferences at any time.