United Baristas Services

Each service is designed to better connect the coffee industry

United Baristas offers four services designed to help baristas and coffee professionals achieve their goals

Start, grow or selling your coffee business with United Baristas Business

United Baristas Business

United Baristas Business supports coffee entrepreneurs and business owners by facilitating the sale and purchase of coffee businesses and leases.

Coffee is one of the most exciting, collaborative and widely-traded products. Whether you’re a broker, roaster, wholesaler, engineer or coffee shop, use United Baristas Business to enter the coffee industry or acquire existing businesses or leases to further your company’s growth.

United Baristas Jobs connects coffee people with coffee jobs

United Baristas Jobs

Coffee jobs, for coffee people

Coffee offers exciting, dynamic and rewarding career opportunities with job functions as varied as hospitality, sourcing, operations, finance and management. United Baristas connects coffee people with coffee jobs and supports the future viability of the industry and prospects of those who work in it.

Buy and sell used coffee equipment directly with other baristas on United Baristas Marketplace

United Baristas Marketplace

Use Marketplace to lift coffee quality and achieve your business objectives

When baristas and business can have equipment that best suits their needs they are better equipped to reach their goals, and equipment is kept in use throughout its full working life. The helps to protect the environment, improve business viability and lift the coffee quality.

Better source and maintain coffee equipment with United Baristas Workshop

United Baristas Workshop

Your resource to keep your coffee equipment working

A well chosen and maintained machine makes better coffee, is easier to work on, doesn’t break down, has lower environmental impacts, and provides greater economic benefit. The all-new United Baristas Workshop helps you to better source and maintain coffee equipment

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