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We help coffee people and businesses do a wide range of things

Events to empower and inspire


Connect at cuppings, be empowered at panels and celebrate a festivals. Explore upcoming coffee events from across the coffee community.

Better source & service equipment


Use United Baristas to source new or used coffee equipment – and keep it in good working condition.

Coffee jobs,
for coffee people


Coffee people find their next job and build their careers using United Baristas Jobs. And all types of coffee businesses build great teams with United Baristas Jobs recruiting tools and resources.

Do amazing things


Learn how to better use our services with United Baristas Go, limited, step-by-step series specifically coffee people.

Buy & sell anything,
coffee related


Baristas and coffee businesses use Marketplace to buy and sell new, used and refurbished coffee equipment, businesses, coffee, merchandise – in fact anything coffee related.

Exclusive content.
Actionable Ideas.


Big relevant ideas, pithy delivery. Each newsletter has a specific focus and contains exclusive subscriber-only content and insights specifically for coffee people.

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