Getting ahead in 2023

It’s going to be another dynamic year. Here’s five tips to help coffee people navigate the coming 12 months.

Opportunity knocks

19% of coffee people are looking for a new job

Almost one-in-five coffee people are looking for a new job in 2023, according to our latest community survey. Most plan to continue working in coffee.

In recession

The UK growth forecast is -1.3%

It’s going to be a tough year for many. An average person will be more financially constrained than they were last year.

Most people will keep buying coffee, but expect a little less demand. This may mean slightly less busy coffee shops and a little less work available for baristas.

Be strategic

Contract work will become more risky

With work options abundant over 2022, many baristas found post-covid job security by working multiple part-time jobs.

However, with economic conditions deteriorating, baristas should consider switching to permanent contracts while they are available. A switch can reduce flexibility, but enhance security.

The year ahead is likely to be rocky and contractors are first in line to be cut.

Pay increases

Prices are expected to go up another 5% in 2023

Inflation is likely to remain high over 2023. You will need another healthy pay rise to maintain your current standard of living.

A 5% increase for £11.95 / hour work (London living wage) would life the pay rate to £12.55.

Last year we provided information for negotiating pay rises. These tips are now more important than ever.

Bright lights

Coffee companies are still hiring

Many established coffee businesses had good financial performance over 2022 – and a number currently have job vacancies in senior shop roles as well as junior and middle management.

Now’s a key moment to make the jump into a more senior role. Pay has continued to increase, the jobs market is still tight, and your position is as strong as it’ll be in the coming months.

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