We can now write your cover letters

Introducing the Cover Letter Assistant.

Our new Cover Letter Assistant service writes bespoke, personal cover letters. And it’s free for coffee people.

The first step of most job applications is to submit a CV and cover letter.

Tell us about the coffee job you’re applying for, upload your CV and United Baristas can write your next cover letter.


Writing your own cover letters

Our new Cover Letter Assistant is a service that complements our cover letter templates. You can still use these templates to write strong cover letters.


Cover Letter Assistant uses AI

Cover Letters have standardised formats for clarity, plus United Baristas has a deep database of coffee jobs advertisements for reference. The Assistant optionally reads an applicant’s CV and can use their work experience to write strong, personalised cover letters.

Coffee Jobs

Connecting people with coffee jobs

Cover Letter Assistant is another way United Baristas connects people with coffee jobs. We want to help people find their next job and build careers in the coffee industry.

Plus, all types of coffee businesses build great teams with our recruitment tools and resources.