More updates to make United Baristas Market even better for buying and selling

In recent months we’ve made many improvements to United Baristas Market. As phase I comes to an end, here’s what you need to know.

United Baristas Market has grown, again.

With more coffee people and businesses back to full-time work, use of United Baristas Market is increasing 📈. To make it even more useful we’ve implemented updates to make it easier to use, even safer to buy and sell, and prepared for the next stage of this key United Baristas service.

This is an overview for people and coffee businesses that use United Baristas Market, plus an insight into where we are going.

New functions make it even easier to find what you’re looking for on United Baristas Market

United Baristas Market is now even easier to use

There’s been lots of visible and under-the-bonnet changes to make United Baristas Market. Here’s a couple of updates we think you’ll find really useful.

Filter and search like never before

Looking for an Eagle One in Edinburgh? No problem. What about a Compak grinder in Camden? That’s easy. What about a Linea PB ABR near Lyme Regis? Now totally doable! All this is possible thanks to new Filters on most categories across United Baristas Market.

For most users these new filters work seamlessly, but if you’re a power user ☕️⚡️ and want to learn how to find a very specific item using Notifications – take a couple of minutes to learn more about new search and alert functions.  

Buy and sell even more securely

We are always working to promote and enhance trust across United Baristas Market so people and businesses can buy and sell securely. There are things people can do to be good sellers, there’s processes buyers should follow to purchase safely and there’s things we can do ward off bad and lazy actors.

To enhance transaction security, we have made the Paylax escrow service a required payment option for all basic listings. With Paylax, the buyer pays into a secure, escrow account and then authorises the release of the funds once the items have arrived safely. Paylax is ideal when buying more expensive items especially when the items are shipped. All basic listings also have the option to offer payment on collection, payment on delivery and to accept PayPal payments.

There’s been an excellent track record of buyer and seller safety on United Baristas Market. And we want to keep it that way as we grow to include more people outside of the core coffee community. Please continue to follow these guides for buying and selling safely.


There’s also been lots of work to make United Baristas Market even easier to use. Sometimes that’s involved automating tasks for you in the background and other times it’s been about trimming your options. We’ve also made design improvements to better communicate function information and to make the most popular functions across United Baristas Market easier to use.

For the sake of simplicity we won’t go into all these changes here, but we wanted to let you know that if – for some reason – you can no longer do something you used to do, please contact support to learn about a different way to achieve the same thing.

Design updates

There’s been an evolution of United Baristas Market to both make it easier to use and to unify the design across United Baristas services. This remains a work in progress and we’ll implement some of the updates scheduled in phase II of this work before we return to finesse the design. Over the coming time, expect United Baristas Market to be functional, at times a bit wonky while we implement new features, but always improving.

Just some of the engineers and technicians coming to United Baristas Market this year.

United Baristas Market will incorporate United Baristas Equipment features!

In 2021 we built a beta version of United Baristas Equipment. The objective has always been to eventually merge these two services, but during construction we realised it would be better in the medium-term to do it from the outset; despite the fact it’ll be more work now.

This means functions such as buying and selling used equipment, finding an engineer and sourcing parts can all occur on one, integrated United Baristas site: United Baristas Market! It’s very exciting to start realising our founding vision presented over six years ago to create a platform that would allow coffee businesses to be more viable and sustainable by facilitating the freer flow of goods and services around the industry.

The updates we’ve made in phase I have both improve buying and selling on United Baristas Market now and lay the groundwork for building these new features in phases II & III.

The immediate next steps are for us to introduce Company profiles to United Baristas Market and to build out their functions. We’ll be contacting existing market stall holders, plus engineers and companies on United Baristas Equipment, to create their Company’s profile on United Baristas Market in due course.

Everyone can now benefit from the latest updates to United Baristas Market to buy and sell anything, coffee related. Plus, you can get the latest information and learn about further changes on United Baristas Updates.