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❤︎ Coffee Campaign 2021/22

Coffee needs
our love

The future of coffee is uncertain.
Climate change threatens both the production of coffee and the livelihoods of those that grow it.

It’s time to ask not what coffee can do for you, but what you can do for coffee

Tim, founder, United Baristas

Coffee drinking is a cause of global warming – and coffee growing is negatively impacted by climate change

The majority of the emissions are caused by coffee makers and coffee drinkers – so it falls to us to make meaningful change.

Four significant things
to do right now

Choose oat milk
(or at least low-methane milk)

Reduce your flat white’s carbon footprint from 250 grams of CO₂e – to as little as 50 grams.

Learn more why your milk selection makes such a massive difference.

Pay farmers more

Petrochemical fertilisers increase coffee growers’ yields, but are the single greatest cause of coffee’s carbon footprint at origin.

It’s possible to pay farmers more for reducing petrochemical fertiliser use. A higher price offsets lost income, plus it’s better for the land and lowers carbon emissions.

Find your local coffee roasters

The emissions from shipping coffee from the roaster to a shop (or your home) are typically greater than the emissions from roasting!

There are now hundreds of great roasters spread across the country. Buy coffee from one near you.

Use as little hot water as possible

Boiling your kettle is responsible for the majority of a brew’s carbon footprint, while a typical espresso machine uses 4x the average UK home’s electricity – does anyone else think that’s crazy!?

Heat as little hot water as necessary in your kettle, plus here’s some ideas for baristas to reduce the electricity used by their espresso machine.

Coffee is a great way to think local
– and act global

You might be thinking, why goes the carbon footprint of coffee matter? It can’t make that much difference, right?

Follow Tim’s journey from crop to cup to understand coffee’s impacts, how coffee growers are impacted – and what we can do about it.

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United Baristas emissions

United Baristas continues to cut our emissions as we work to lower the coffee industry’s total carbon footprint.

We aim to lower our carbon emissions per user each year – and have achieved massive reductions over the past three years.


The coffee industry’s carbon footprint

As a coffee drinker, barista or proprietor, you can make a world of difference.

There’s much to do.

A Flat White has a footprint of about 250 grams of CO₂e. We got to pretty much eliminate that in the next 10 years. It’s going to be really tough.

The good news is that through better product section, updating operations, changing how we make coffee and using energy efficient espresso machines we can already make a massive difference.


Coffee needs our love

Follow the journey to net zero

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