How to get the coffee job you want

Originally presented at Caffè Culture 2019, this Keynote explores how to build a career in the coffee industry.

A career in coffee can be varied, stimulating, and rewarding. At Caffè Culture 2019, United Baristas founder Tim Ridley presented a short talk on how to get the coffee job you want.


  • Building a career in the coffee industry takes focus, commitment, and vision
  • Give yourself six – 18 months to move into a new professional coffee role

Identify the skills you require

  • Sign up for Job Alerts immediate to identify the skills that you require to get the job you want
  • Build a list of skills employers are looking for in the job you want
  • Review your current skills
  • Learn the skills you need, either at work or through study, and ideally gain some experience applying them

Communicate your skills and cultural fit

  • Hone your CV or Careers Résumé to communicate these relevant skills and experience
  • Draft an application specific Cover Letter explaining these skills
  • You can use the Cover Letter template to help you explain how these skills delivery results in your current role

Practice interviewing

  • Start applying for jobs and going to job interviews to become increasingly comfortable talking about yourself and communicating your skills

Find a niche

  • Find a big issue facing the future of the industry that you deeply care about
  • Work to resolve it over the course of your career

Updated on 12 January 2020

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