Beyond a Bag of Beans: 10 Things Baristas Really Want this Christmas

United Baristas unpacks gifts to delight the coffee person in your life.

Getting through the Christmas break without suffering a caffeine withdrawal is essential, but here’s four ideas (with 10 specific recommendations) that are sure to delight the coffee lover in your life.

1. Coffee-making Kit

Set them up for success

Every barista has their go-to coffee-maker, but technology continues to advance. Here’s three recently released items for better tasting coffee.

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Eagle One Prima

The Prima incorporates the latest espresso machine technologies from Victoria Arduino into an espresso machine that is simple to use, has full control over coffee-making parameters, is energy efficient and looks amazing.

Why it’s a great gift

We love Prima because you can control all the parameters with the app – and then make espresso at the push of a button. Geekery and simplicity, combined.

Also, the boiler system and heat recovery unit combine to significantly reduce electricity use, making the Prima both great for making espresso and one of the greenest espresso options available.

Victoria Arduino’s Eagle One Prima

Espro Bloom pour over dripper

Espro Bloom

Espro’s new flat-bottom metal dripper incorporates a perforated base and also uses filter papers for even extraction and faster brewing.

Why it’s a great gift

The Bloom ticks many of the brewing best practice boxes. It’s made from lightweight metal to absorbs less heat, the filter papers are corrugated and flat bottomed. Plus, don’t tell anyone else, but if you run out of filters you can still adequately bash out a brew because of the perforated base. Great tasting, easy to use, and almost foolproof.

Stagg EKG Kettle

With a compact footprint and easy temperature control, the Stagg EKG is good looking kettle and an established barista favourite. Plus, electric jugs have lower carbon emissions than their gas hob counterparts.

Why it’s a great gift

Every kitchen appliance has to justify its place in contemporary, compact living. Replace your boring, dumb electric jug, as the Stagg’s precise temperature control will make your coffee and tea taste better. But you can still use it as a standard jug and prepare your hot water bottle.

Fellow Stagg EKG

2. Discover & Learn

A life-long journey

We’ve selected three interesting and fun coffee experiences that can last a lifetime.

Dale Harris’s flavour pathways

Based on the research that led to Dale’s World Barista Championship winning routine, Flavour Pathways explores how coffee is perceived through taste and smell, and then described.

Why it’s a great gift

Understanding and communicating flavour is an essential aspect of a career in coffee. This course pushes past personal preference to help baristas understand the chemical processes that create flavour so they can more clearly describe and share their favourite coffees. Plus Dale is a passionate and knowledgable communicator.

Flavour Pathways is designed to be an introduction to the complexity of coffee’s flavour and how our taste perception works, filling in some of the gaps between barista skills, green coffee and sensory training programs

World Barista Champion, Dale Harris

Travel to the source

Trips have been limited over the past two years, but new possibilities are on the horizon. It’s time to dust off your passport. Here’s three options at the top of our list.

Why it’s a great gift

Travelling to origin helps coffee people understand the intricacies and the interconnected supply chain from crop to cup.

Coffee buyers and roasters have long travelled to nurture relationships with farmers and producers, but increasingly coffee drinkers are also heading to these (often) warm countries to further their appreciation of both coffee and local culture.

Sharing the love

Coffee needs of our love.
❤︎ Coffee condoms help baristas share their love of coffee, responsibly.

Why it’s a great gift

We got these condoms printed to remind baristas that the future of coffee is uncertain. Climate change threatens both the production of coffee and the livelihoods of those that grow it. But there’s a some key, simple things we can do to love coffee.

❤︎ Coffee condoms are available in a pack of six

3. Some Christmas Cheers!

Share the other social drink

Here’s a selection of brews that are both tasty and will appeal to coffee drinkers.

Midnight Oil, from Climpson & Sons

Get everyone together for cocktails using this award winner from the world liqueur awards.

Why it’s a great gift

Made from coffee grown at the Daterra Estate, Brazil, this is our go-to coffee liqueur because of its coffee-forward flavour. With added cacao and vanilla its suitable for most classic coffee cocktails or dare to create your own serve. Climpson & Sons have a series of recipes on their website.

Midnight Oil, by Climpson & Sons

Glenfarclas 10 Year Old is included in Master of Malt’s Christmas Whisky Tasting Set

Whisky Tasting Set

Hone your palate and celebrate the world of whisky with this five dram tasting set from Master of Malt. Plus you can currently save £6 and get the set for £19.95 with a Christmas offer.

Why it’s a great gift

Whisky flavour communicators are amongst best in class. Explore parallels between whisky and coffee tasting with these five distinctive whiskies, complete with tasting notes. Or just savour the flavour over the festive period. The tasting set includes:

  • Glenfarclas 10 Year Old
  • Timorous Beastie
  • Mackmyra Stjärnrök
  • Peaky Blinder Irish Whiskey
  • Laphroaig 10 Year Old Cask Strength – Batch 013

Wakey Wakey Coffee Martini

After discovering coffee grounds are still full of flavour, Nate Brown created a better tasting, low-carbon, pre-mixed coffee martini. Just shake and then serve – ideally in a chilled martini glass.

Produced in a solera-vat type system, the mix has a proprietary mix of spirits and is made with coffee discarded from a local roastery cafe.

Why it’s a great gift

A mind expanding gift to blow your barista’s brains. Wakey Wakey continually challenges baristas ideas about what’s possible with a pre-mix cocktail 🤯.

To find out how it’s made, United Baristas interviewed Nate last Christmas just before lockdown. Watch the film.

Wakey Wakey Coffee Martini

4. The Essential Christmas Option

Everyday giving

What barista wouldn’t want these gifts? But, actually, there’s something baristas really, really want that makes their every day better – oh, and it’s free…


As well as making coffee, baristas are hardwired to be joy givers. In fact, most of the coffee community takes great pleasure in making others just that little bit happier through small acts of kindness.

Why it’s a great gift

Christmas can be stressful for many. The demands of deadlines, finances and family can compound to create pressure and frustration. But don’t take a good thing for granted and take your personal frustrations out on your barista.

Instead, demonstrate your gratitude and reciprocate your barista’s kindness with a touch of your own. In fact, science shows that making that simple choice will make you feel less stressed and even a little happier.

The Happiness Lab podcast