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Types of Emails

There are four types of United Baristas emails. Each is used for different purpose and is managed differently.


These are notifications that you have set up on United Baristas services, such search results for a specific new listing on United Baristas Market or a specific job on United Baristas Jobs. You sign into each service with your UB-iD to set up and configure these emails. Notification emails are customisable, unique to you, private and super powerful. Almost everyone who uses United Baristas should set up relevant notifications.


Newsletters are optional emails about the topics we are experts in, using our services and the coffee industry. You don’t need to have joined United Baristas to be eligible to receive most of these newsletters. Choose the edit of newsletters that’s right for you. Lots of people from across the coffee industry have signed up and most subscribe to more than one.

Tips & Onboarding

Tips & onboarding emails explain how to get the most out of United Baristas services with specific guidance and tips. Triggered by your use of United Baristas (usually when you first use a new service or function) some onboarding emails are standalone, others part of a series. You can always opt to skip the remainder of a series if you’re already up-to-speed or have multiple accounts, but for most users they contain valuable information.


Transactional emails are an integral part of United Baristas services and can’t be customised. Examples include a listing receipt, purchase confirmations or receiving applications and purchase enquiries. They are functional, sometimes boring, but always important.

Important Principle

United Baristas doesn’t mix newsletters, notifications, onboarding and transactional emails.

So, on the one hand you won’t get emails you don’t want. However, it’s up to you to set up a relevant Job Alert if you are hunting for a specific coffee job or subscribe to our Tips Newsletters if you want to get better at selling on United Baristas Market.

We won’t and can’t do this automatically for you.

Set up and manage your notifications

Each United Baristas service offers various email notifications to keep you informed about new listings, search results etc. You can set, edit and delete the notifications you receive at:

United Baristas Jobs

United Baristas Market

Subscribe and manage Newsletters

Major updates are coming to United Baristas Newsletters so you can better get the information that meets your specific interests.

We have announced several new Newsletters – with more announcements in the coming months.

We will endeavour to transition current subscribers as best to the new newsletter options, but we anticipate you’ll need to finesse your preferences once the new system is live.

Information throughout the transition is available on United Baristas Updates in the Newsletters section.

Other connection options

There are other ways to receive United Baristas information, including:

General information and updates

Social media is not particularly well designed to communicate specific or comprehensive information. So most people are well advised to set up specific Notifications that match their specific searches.

If you have basic web expertise you can also use our RSS feeds to create specific search feeds using parameters 👇