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Introducing the Managing People & Building Teams newsletter

Information and tips to help you become an even better manager.

Drawing on research, over a decade of coffee experience and extensive industry networks, each newsletter focuses on an actionable idea to better manage coffee people and build teams.

  • For owners and people managers in coffee organisations
  • Suitable for managers of all levels
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Information on United Baristas newsletters

There are major changes to United Baristas newsletters.

Many of our existing newsletters are significantly changing or being retired.

Each new newsletter has a specific focus and contains exclusive content and insights specifically for coffee people.

Subscriptions are open for select new newsletters, with more newsletters to be announced.

The transition to new newsletters

We are transferring existing subscribers to the relevant new newsletters as best as we can. Visit United Baristas Updates for detailed information on the transition.

If this newsletter isn’t suitable for you, see what other newsletters have already launched and connect with United Baristas for news on more new newsletters.


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