Opportunities for Brands

Reach our community of engaged baristas, proprietors and coffee professionals

The coffee community works through connection

United Baristas provides options for brands to connect with our community of engaged baristas and coffee professionals.

Existing Brand Partners

If you are already a member of our advertising and partnership community, login to view current information or make a booking.

New & Prospective Brand Partners

Here’s some of the ways brands use United Baristas:


Image or text adverts are placed within United Baristas articles typically for a ‘season’, but promotional advertising for advertisers seeking intensive, time-limited, geographically-defined, device-targeted or custom sized banners are also available.

Social Media

Sponsored posts are available for brand partners on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Advertise within United Baristas newsletters or pay for a bespoke mail shot.


Partner with United Baristas to devise and execute a campaign. We specialise in campaigns that align with our interests and values.

General Audience Information

• 75% male / 25% female
• 80% are based in the United Kingdom
• 75% are aged between 25 – 44 years

Our visitors typically have purchasing authority and exhibit purchasing intent for coffee equipment, travel, recruitment, vehicles, property and business services. Their interests include coffee, food and drink, film, football, pop culture, travel and technology.