Your Information

United Baristas collects information from members of our community to be able to provide our services and programmes



Privacy is one of our core values and we seek to hold data as narrowly as possible whist providing a comprehensive and secure service. Information you supply is held as part of our data protection and privacy policy and our terms and conditions of use. All information is held securely on servers.

With the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have updated some of procedures and amended out terms of use. You can find out more about our approach gathering and managing your personal information in this article explaining how we use your personal information.

Accessing Information

If you wish to access information that we may hold about you, please make a request.

Please note that United Baristas uses your email address as a unique identifier. Please provide email/s that you wish United Baristas to produce information for. We may require additional information to be able to verify your identity to be able to release relevant information.