Our priorities in the pandemic

Updates on how United Baristas is managing services, supporting the community and preparing for the future during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Dear friends,

How are you? 

The last weeks have been tough for the coffee industry and the many people who work in it. As I write the spread and consequences of Coronavirus are becoming clearer, social distancing measures are in place and the government has promised a variety of support for business and workers. 

Many questions remain, we don’t yet understand the spread the virus, how its mutating, what treatments will be available, whether the government measures will be sufficient to protect the majority of coffee businesses, or the timescale in which the industry can return to a degree of normality. We recognise that this creates a situation of profound uncertainty for much of our community.

Today we are announcing the first in a number of steps to help support the future of the coffee industry and United Baristas.

Careers Recruitment Kit subscription holiday

We recognise that many companies presently have a curtailed recruitment requirement. So we will be suspending payment collections for Careers Recruitment Kit subscribers for the months of April and May. We will reassess the situation for June and update you accordingly.

All users, including Recruitment Kit users, can continue to use United Baristas Careers for their recruitment and job search requirements.

Business listings are now free

We also recognise that in the coming time some business owners may wish to sell their business or dispose of their leases. There are many factors why this might be the right decision from new personal priorities, to financial pressures, to relocation. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell, for the next six months owners can list their business for sale on United Baristas Business for free.

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If you are looking to acquire a business, you can continue to market your requirement.   

Other United Baristas service continue to operate normally, including Marketplace and Workshop.

Planning for the future

There will be tremendous demand for United Baristas services when the Coronavirus pandemic begins to draw to a close. Businesses will need to adjust their equipment to ensure that it is right for their needs in a new environment, equipment that has been temporarily decommissioned will require service and maintenance, some businesses will want to expand while others contract, and coffee businesses will need to rebuild their teams.

Consequently, we have arranged funding to allows us to further invest in our services over the coming months (while there is lower demand on our platforms), and to help keep our team of contractors busy, productive and working. 

There will be series of works over the coming weeks. Specific notifications and arrangements for users will be made for each update. We’ll continue to update you on our website and social media channels.

If you have questions please contact us through United Baristas Help Centre. And please note that support is currently available but is ad hoc as we are all working remotely.


The coffee industry has a strong sense of community and collaboration amongst baristas and business. Let’s keep up the community spirit and support each other as we navigate a path through the uncertainty and disruption created by Covid-19. Remember to make phone calls to peers, messages to colleagues, and social media support to those that are isolated. If you’re not sure what to say, simply start each conversation with a simple question, “how are you?” It’s a great time to be kind, lend a helping hand or offer your support.

As an industry we need to both plot a path through our immediate day-to-day challenges as well as preparing for the medium and longer term. Can we remind you that many coffee farmers still struggle with low gate prices, many UK coffee businesses operate on thin margins, the industry is facing significant recruitment challenges following Brexit, many businesses fail to maintain their equipment properly, and global warming remains a pressing issue for us all.

In the face of these challenges we remain optimistic about the future. We have so much potential, there is much to do and we are continually inspired by the amazing people who work in the service of the world’s favourite drink.

United Baristas will do everything possible to ensure the coffee industry not only survives, but thrives. It’s never been truer to say that, together we achieve more.

Available until 30 December 2020

Updated on 26 March 2020

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