Tackling Coffee’s Carbon Footprint – Barista League High Density, 16.17 London time, 9 March 2021


Everything you need to know to start tackling your coffee’s carbon footprint

In this 20 minute presentation at Barista League’s High Density online conference, get all the information you need to start tackling your coffee’s carbon footprint. Think of it as the 101 course, building a foundation to take action, the first steps on your journey, or the concepts you need to know to look like you know what you are talking about.

Presented by United Baristas founder Tim Ridley and Oatly’s Toby Weedon, the presentation also explains how climate change is impacting coffee production, some of the biggest causes of carbon emissions in the coffee supply chain, and the simple changes we can make to reduce our coffee’s carbon footprint.

Watch live on the Barista League YouTube channel at 16.17 London time / 11.17 Eastern on Tuesday 9 March 2021.