How to Open a Sustainable Coffee Shop – Seminar, Caffè Culture, 28 October 2019

A seminar to help the industry build a sustainable and vibrant future

With increasing environmental, financial, and social pressures, there has never been greater awareness for the need for coffee shops to play a constructive role in their neighbourhoods, societies and world. But where does one start? And what should we focus on?

This seminar at Caffè Culture 2019 is designed to provide practical information on how coffee shops can build sustainable businesses. The outcome of a collaboration between United Baristas and Climpson & Sons, the presentation draws on both research and first-hand experience as Tim Ridley, Nicole Ferris and Danny Davies share their journey to build a more sustainable coffee industry. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

Caffè Culture
11.20 – 12.20, 28 October 2019
Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street,
Islington London,
N1 0QH
Caffè Culture is free to attend for people working in the coffee industry, but advanced registration is necessary.

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