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United Baristas is the marketplace to buy and sell coffee equipment directly with other baristas

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We started United Baristas in 2015 with a Marketplace allowing baristas to buy and sell used coffee equipment.

When baristas and business can have equipment that best suits their needs they are better equipped to reach their goals, and equipment is kept in use throughout its full working life. The helps to protect the environment, improve business viability and lift the coffee quality.

Use Marketplace to lift coffee quality and achieve your business objectives

Baristas and coffee businesses use Marketplace in a number of ways:

  • Coffee businesses should upgrade their equipment on a regular cycle to achieve the lowest possible running and depreciation costs. For many businesses, this means replacing key equipment, such as espresso machines, on a two – five year cycle.
  • Buying used, quality equipment allows baristas to cost-effectively start new ventures, such as opening a coffee shop, running a coffee cart or operating a pop-up. Many businesses also buy second hand equipment to run events, for use as a backup machine or to lower their capital expenditure.
  • Coffee businesses can sell equipment that is not suitable for their proposition, or is in need of servicing that they don’t wish to perform. This equipment can be purchased, restored if necessary, and used elsewhere in the industry to better fulfil its potential working life. This better allocation of resources is beneficial for both businesses and the environment.

How to value coffee equipment

We explain how to value used coffee equipment.

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When the coffee community buys or sells equipment, a business can ensure their equipment is fit-for-purpose, baristas make higher quality coffee, and there are lower environmental impacts.
This is better for you, the industry and the environment.

Tim, United Baristas founder

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