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Buy & sell anything coffee related directly with other baristas and coffee businesses

Buy and sell anything coffee related

United Baristas Market

We started United Baristas in 2015 with a marketplace allowing baristas to buy and sell used coffee equipment.

Since then both United Baristas and the coffee industry have grown – and United Baristas Market now helps baristas and coffee businesses to buy and sell everything coffee related.

Use Market to buy and sell anything coffee related

Coffee equipment

When baristas and business can have the right equipment they are better equipped to reach their goals. Keeping equipment in use across its full working life protects the environment, enhances business profitability and lifts coffee quality.

Coffee business and leases

By incorporating the buying and selling of coffee businesses and leases into United Baristas Market, United Baristas is providing better exits for proprietors and greater opportunities for growing businesses.

Everything else

The coffee community can now sell anything coffee related on United Baristas. See how other baristas and coffee businesses are using United Baristas Market to sell their wares.

How to value coffee equipment

We explain how to value used coffee equipment.

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Joining United Baristas Market is free. Baristas of all levels are welcome.

When the coffee community buys or sells equipment, a business can ensure their equipment is fit-for-purpose, baristas make higher quality coffee, and there are lower environmental impacts.
This is better for you, the industry and the environment.

Tim, United Baristas founder

Introducing United Baristas Market

United Baristas Market was launched in January 2021 to support the growing needs of the coffee industry to buy and sell a wide range of coffee-related items.

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Start buying or selling anything coffee related directly with other coffee drinkers, baristas and coffee businesses.