About United Baristas Equipment

United Baristas Equipment equips baristas and businesses to make tastier coffee and build viable businesses

Make tastier coffee.
Run a viable coffee business.

Source coffee equipment

United Baristas Equipment also allows baristas to identify which coffee equipment is suitable for their business, and connects them with relevant distributors, resellers and parts suppliers.

Find accredited engineers near you

United Baristas started Equipment to help coffee shops find reputable engineers. Keeping coffee equipment in working condition lifts coffee quality, supports commercial objectives, and reduces environmental impacts.

Maintain your coffee equipment

Building on our original objective, United Baristas launched Equipment 2 in 2019. The new service provides information and tips to better care for and maintain coffee equipment, so you can better keep your equipment in working order.

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Clean and maintain your coffee equipment to preserve its value, protect against revenue loss, and lift the quality of the coffee you serve your customers

Source coffee equipment

Search, compare, and identify coffee equipment that is ideal for your coffee business. Workshop also puts you directly in touch with you local reseller.

Care and Maintenance

All good coffee businesses should have cleaning and maintenance schedules for all their coffee equipment. Use Workshop to identify the tasks you need to performance, when, and which tasks should be performed by your service partner.

Find engineers near you

Whether you require an emergency call-out, scheduled maintenance, boiler inspections, or a service contact, find accredited engineers near you using Workshop map search.

Find parts

Keep your coffee equipment in working condition by replacing worn or broken parts.

United Baristas Workshop allows baristas to find engineers in their area, and to rate the quality of their work.

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Equipment works for coffee companies serving the coffee industry

for Engineers & Technicians

Be easily found by baristas and businesses looking for your services.

for Coffee Equipment Brands

Communicating your brand values and managing your product range on United Baristas Workshop.

for Distributors & Parts Suppliers

Be easily found by baristas and businesses looking for your products.

for Roasters, Resellers & Retailers

Generator leads from businesses actively looking to purchase coffee equipment.

Workshop connects the coffee industry

United Baristas Workshop enables the better sourcing and maintenance of coffee equipment. Get started.