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Summer Sort Out 2019: Summary of changes

The Summer Sort Out has become a tradition at United Baristas. Each year we use the quieter period to get everything ship-shape. Here’s the latest updates.

For the past three years we used the summer months to tidy, fix, and prepare United Baristas websites for the future. As we add new functions to United Baristas Services and patch issues across the year, we inevitability add complexity, so periodically its necessary to give everything a sort out. It’s our equivalent of getting a new grinder installed, fixing the counter top, getting the espresso machine serviced, and the boiler inspection done, so everything is ready for the busy autumn trading period.

Find out how to service your espresso machine >

2019 Focus

There’s been number of updates this summer. One key focus has been re-designing United Baristas to make it as accessible as possible. There have also been numerous infrastructure updates to increase our capacity and build a foundation for the future.

Read about our efforts to make United Baristas more accessible >

Both of these projects have created tweaks for United Baristas users. So that the changes are clear, we’ll be summarising them here until they are documented in United Baristas Help Centre.

United Baristas

  • New design for accessibility and clarity
  • New page templates, especially articles which are now easier to read
  • Decommissioned aspects of United Baristas Store: which we had planned to update this summer, but we’ve been busy so it’s been pushed back
  • Preparation for Strong Customer Authentication
  • Improved UB-iD, your passport when signing up or logging into United Baristas services

United Baristas Business

  • Added listing status: now you can see at a glance whether a listing is available, seeking offers, under offer, or sold
  • Preparation for Strong Customer Authentication
  • Improved UB-iD, your passport when signing up or logging into United Baristas services

United Baristas Careers

  • Updates to new United Baristas template for accessibility and readability
  • Updated job type structure, and added new Apprenticeship, Casual, Contract, and Volunteer options
  • Improved navigation, menus, and breadcrumbs, especially on mobile
  • Preparation for Strong Customer Authentication
  • Emails: application confirmation, received applications have more information and better formatting
  • Improved UB-iD, your passport when signing up or logging into United Baristas services
For Talent
  • Much improved, real-time jobs filtering on overview pages – go on, try it!
  • Map now only displays jobs that meet the current filtered selection
  • Browse coffee jobs by city, and uses real-time filtering as well
  • See more information about the job vacancy on overview pages (less need to click into a job to find out more about it)
  • Re-designed Careers Résumé template – you now look even better!
  • Updated number of Careers Résumés you can publish to six at any given time (that should be more than enough, but if you want even more – let us know)
  • Made it clearer that you can apply for a job using either a Careers Résumé or sending your CV
  • Earlier this year we protected your privacy by ending the employer option to search the candidate library
  • Improved Talent Dashboard, with Job Alerts and Bookmarked jobs now more readily accessible. Ace.
  • New and updated How It Works pages for using Careers, Job Alerts, and Careers Résumés
  • Opt to receive Job Alerts emails daily, weekly, or fortnightly
  • When logged out, clicking the Bookmark Job button now takes you to the login page, rather than somewhere else in the universe. Sorry about that.
  • New Coffee Jobs newsletter for people wanting to build a career in the coffee industry. Sign up.
For Companies
  • Enhanced Careers Recruitment Kit: post unlimited jobs, and each job now includes automatic job vacancy marketing! Ideal for coffee companies recruiting more than thee people each year
  • Promoted Jobs are now called ‘Job Listing + Vacancy Marketing‘. This product has always included vacancy marketing but re-naming it makes its function and purpose much clearer
  • Redesigned job submission process: more guidance + cleaner design = greater clarity
  • Job preview during listing process now more representative of published job listing
  • Display more of your brand with increased header images
  • Enhanced company logos play nicer, despite your transparent backgrounds
  • Improved Recruitment Dashboard, with order history, download a copy invoice, subscription management, and update payment details
  • Enhanced and re-designed Application Management tools in the Recruitment Dashboard
  • View, rate, add notes, and track applicants through the recruitment process (ideal when keeping track of multiple applicants and/or jobs)
  • Download a summary spreadsheet of applications from your Recruitment Dashboard (ideal for easily importing data to your recruitment software, if you are into that type of thing)
  • Applicants that are rejected as candidates on your Recruitment Dashboard are automatically notified with a polite email from United Baristas that they didn’t get the job. Everyone is informed, you look courteous, and can spend less time on admin. It’s a nice touch.
  • Added right to work check during job application. We know that only people with the right to work in your territory are credible applicants.
  • New newsletter for people wanting to better build and manage a team in the coffee industry. Sign up.

United Baristas Marketplace

United Baristas Workshop

United Baristas Newsletters

There are fundamental changes underway to United Baristas newsletters.

In short, United Baristas has grown too big and our users’ needs too diverse for a regularly monthly newsletter be useful for our community.

Newsletters will now be organised by objective. Let us know why you use United Baristas and we’ll update you with information that is specific to your needs. And you can update your objectives as your needs change.

Sign up or update your newsletter preferences >

Community wide newsletters will now only occur when there are significant updates to our services. So make sure you get the information you want.

Other work in progress

As we transition in autumn we’ll be focusing on United Baristas Business and United Baristas Workshop. Updates to follow…

If you have found something that is broken, have an idea for an improvement, or have a feature request – please let us know.

Available until Tuesday 31 March 2020

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