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Changes to UB-iD, your secure passport to United Baristas services

Today we start implementing the latest version of UB-iD to make logging into United Baristas easier and more secure

UB-iD allows you to securely sign up and log in to United Baristas Services in just a couple of clicks.

Please note: a separate login is required for United Baristas Marketplace. why?

There are now three UB-iD options:

  • Google account
  • Facebook account
  • Email address

Using UB-iD

When signing up or logging in, you’ll see UB-iD:


Sign up or login using your Google or Facebook account, or enter your email address.

Logging in with email

A one-time code will be sent to your email:

An example of the one-time verification code

Enter this code in UB-iD, and you’re now logged in.

Summary of updates and features

  • UB-iD 2 supports both Google and Facebook accounts when logging in
  • Logging in with email now sends a six digit code to your email address (magic link is discontinued)
  • The login code is valid for five minutes
  • With UB-iD 2, you can share the code with colleagues who require to access to your account, but don’t have access to the account’s email
  • Not having a password makes your United Baristas accounts more secure and easier to access
  • Login into the same United Baristas account using your Google account, Facebook account, or email address, as long as they share the same email. More information.

Help and support

Available until 31 December 2019

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