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United Baristas introduces new recruitment service for the coffee industry

London, United Kingdom • United Baristas Newsroom

United Baristas, the digital platform connecting the coffee industry, has launched a recruitment service called Talent Search

Talent Search is a collaboration between United Baristas founder Tim Ridley, and long-time coffee industry commentator Phil Wain.

The service is offered as a new product on United Baristas Careers, the leading jobs website from United Baristas for the coffee community. 

Talent Search

Employers can now commission United Baristas to build a shortlist of the best available talent for their professional coffee job vacancy. 

The service combines Ridley and Wain’s extensive personal and professional connections built up over a cumulative two decades in the coffee industry, as well as benefiting from the marketing and database strengths of United Baristas Careers. 

“Talent Search allows coffee companies to reach the pool of talent in the coffee industry that is well-qualified for their job vacancy, but not actively looking for a new role”, explains Phil Wain.

Talent Search works by Ridley and Wain discreetly approaching high-quality talent in the coffee industry who may be ready for a new opportunity. 

 “The coffee community’s best talent are actively building their careers, but are often not aware of job prospects across the various facets of the industry.”, explains Tim Ridley. He continues, “By matching the right talent with the right coffee companies we want to both support people as they establish their careers and enable coffee businesses to thrive”. 

Talent Search is now live

Unlike other recruitment services, employers pay only a simple one-off fee for the service. Ridley and Wain then put forward a shortlist of suitable candidates for face-to-face meetings. 

“We think of Talent Search as enabling coffee companies to skip the job vacancy marketing and long list stages of recruitment, and jump straight to a shortlist of candidates”, explains Ridley.

Talent Search is now live and coffee companies can submit their talent brief at 

United Baristas introduces new recruitment service for the coffee industry.

Notes to Editors 

United Baristas Careers was started after the United Baristas team identified that many baristas and coffee professionals were struggling to identify suitable career paths in the specialty coffee industry.

Launched in December 2017, it has grown rapidly over the past 12 months to become a key recruitment tool for the industry and source of opportunity for coffee professionals. As well as connecting talent and companies, Careers has provides support and inspiration for people wanting to establish a career in the coffee industry.

Careers is located at and an overview of new features is available at 

United Baristas was started three years ago with a marketplace allowing baristas to buy and sell used coffee equipment. Over that time its services have expanded to include United Baristas Careers, a recruitment platform, and United Baristas Workshop, a directory of coffee equipment engineers and technicians. 

The services have grown quickly to become a key components of infrastructure for the specialty coffee community, doubling in size each year since launch.

Employers can now commission United Baristas to build a shortlist of the best available talent for their professional coffee job vacancy. 


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