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The all-new United Baristas Careers better connects the industry’s talent with coffee companies

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United Baristas, the digital platform for the specialty coffee industry, launches Careers 2 to better connect the industry’s talent with coffee companies.

As well as a new design, the all-new website introduces a suite of easy-to-use new features, including:

Careers introduces Careers Resumes

Candidates can now follow a step-by-step guide to easily create a professional profile that showcases their skills, experience and personality.

“There are many people working in the coffee industry with well-developed skills, a passion for their product, and are ambitious for the next stage of their coffee career” says Tim Ridley, founder of United Baristas, “but we realised it’s often been difficult for them to create a CV that best communicates what they can offer to prospective employers. So, we created Careers Resumes.”

It is commonplace for millennials to solely use a smartphone – and often they have limited access to a desktop or notebook, the devices on which CVs are commonly created. This can put them at a disadvantage when applying for professional roles. Careers Resumes are easily created on mobile, and can be used instead of uploading a CV, so all applicants can readily apply for suitable jobs. And once a candidate has build a Careers Resume, they can use it to apply for other suitable jobs at the click of a button. Employers gain a comprehensive and easy-to-read overview of the applicant that is presented in the familiar CV format.

Careers Resumes are easily created on mobile, and can be used instead of uploading a CV, so all applicants can readily apply for suitable jobs.

“We want the next generation of the industry’s talent to be empowered to take a step forward in their coffee career” continues Ridley, “so the United Baristas has focused on using our skills to support the industry’s talent to better showcase theirs. We want people to be getting the best jobs in the industry because they use Careers Resume.”

Careers Recruitment Kit takes the hassle out of recruitment

Careers also introduces a range of new features for companies, including an unlimited job listings service called Careers Recruitment Kit.

For a simple, low-cost, annual fee, recruiters and employers can post an unlimited number of job listings, and use the inbuilt end-to-end applicant management system to track vacancies, applicants, interviews and offers.

“Many coffee companies recruit for multiple positions each year.” explains Ridley, “It can be a time-consuming and complicated task, so we wanted to build a product that made the recruitment process as simple and straightforward as possible.”

Career Kit is ideal for businesses that recruit more than three people a year.

Careers 2 is now live

United Baristas Careers was started after the United Baristas team identified that many baristas and coffee professionals were struggling to identify suitable career paths in the specialty coffee industry.

Careers launched in December 2017 and has grown rapidly over the past 12 months to become a key recruitment tool for the industry and source of opportunity for coffee professionals. As well as connecting talent and companies, Careers has provides support and inspiration for people wanting to establish a career in the coffee industry.

Careers 2 features


Connecting the coffee industry

United Baristas was started three years ago with a marketplace allowing baristas to buy and sell used coffee equipment. Over that time its services have expanded to include United Baristas Careers, a recruitment platform, and United Baristas Workshop, a directory of coffee equipment engineers and technicians.

The services have grown quickly to become a key components of infrastructure for the specialty coffee community, doubling in size each year since launch.


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