United Baristas helps coffee businesses and baristas prepare for the opportunities in 2021 and beyond

Introducing United Baristas Market, the new service to buy & sell everything coffee related

As baristas and coffee businesses prepare for the future they need to sell equipment and premises that no longer fit their strategic objectives – while others will need to buy these same items to fulfil their goals.

Introducing United Baristas Market

United Baristas has built a new version of its popular Marketplace service called United Baristas Market – it makes it possible for coffee people to buy and sell anything (coffee related).

Markets are at the heart of many communities, including the coffee industry. Over the past five years hundreds of espresso machines and grinders have changed hands allowing baristas to make better coffee, businesses to be more profitable and the coffee community to lower its environmental impacts.

“When thinking about updating Marketplace” says United Baristas founder Tim Ridley, “it become apparent that our favourite markets around the world are diverse, eclectic and open to new ideas.” Ridley continues, “It is the market traders understanding of their customers’ needs, their energy and their commitment to trying new items that makes markets so dynamic and exciting.”

Our favourite markets are diverse, eclectic and open to new ideas.

Tim Ridley, founder United Baristas

United Baristas Market includes new features to make buying and seller easier and safer

Over the covid-19 lockdown, the United Baristas team embarked on building United Baristas Market, so coffee people could buy and sell anything, more easily start new ventures and be better prepared for the future. So the all-new United Baristas Market is packed with new features, including:

• improved search for espresso machines and grinders
• new categories, including coffee business and leases
• more powerful listings to even better showcase items
• support for multiple currencies
• Paylax escrow to allow buyers and sellers to transact securely

The United Baristas team are excited to see what the coffee community will buy and sell on United Baristas Market in the year ahead. And how it’ll support the coffee community through the challenges with covid-19. If markets are at the heart of their communities, then Market shows United Baristas at the heart of the coffee industry.

Information for existing users

United Baristas Market introduces new features so existing Marketplace users will need to create a new United Baristas Market account using UB-iD.

Addition information on United Baristas Market

• United Baristas Market launches 11 January 2021 – and is currently available in public early release
• United Baristas is supporting the coffee community during covid-19 with special, free Restart market listings on United Baristas Market
• United Baristas Market combines the best bits of Marketplace and Business – and introduces new features to make them even better

Notes to Editors  

United Baristas started five years ago with a Marketplace for baristas and businesses to buy and sell used coffee equipment. The key objective was to facilitate the sale of used coffee equipment so that it would remain in use throughout its full working life. The service has been a success for the coffee industry with hundreds of machines kept in use, with all the personal, commercial and environmental benefits that ensue.

Over that time United Baristas has expanded its services to include United Baristas Job, a recruitment platform, and United Baristas Workshop, which facilitates the sourcing and servicing of coffee equipment. 

The services have grown quickly to become a key components of infrastructure for the specialty coffee community, doubling in size each year since launch.


For further information, interviews or additional press images are available from the United Baristas Newsroom.