Read all about it ?! Updates to United Baristas newsletters

The new United Baristas newsletters offer specific information, depending on your objectives and the United Baristas services you use. Find out how to get the information you want.

Set your objectives

United Baristas newsletters are now organised by ‘objectives’. Tell us how you want to use United Baristas to achieve your, well…, your objectives.

Using your objectives and use of United Baristas services our new newsletters will be able give you information that’s relevant for you. Examples of objectives are:

  • Finding a job
  • Starting a coffee business
  • Selling used coffee equipment
  • Sourcing coffee equipment
  • Better maintaining coffee equipment
  • Plus more….

To get the most out of United Baristas, take one minute to set your objectives.

Background information

United Baristas has grown too big and our users’ needs too diverse for a regularly monthly newsletter be useful for our community.

Our new newsletters will give you information that’s more specific to your needs, and you can update your preferences at any time.

Based on your previous use of United Baristas, we’ve pre-selected some objectives for you.

Community wide newsletters will now only occur when there are significant updates to United Baristas services. So make sure you get the information you want by making sure your preferences are accurate.