On United Baristas Market 2, everything connects

Marketplace listings now connect with equipment and coffee companies

United Baristas Market makes it easier for coffee people to source, buy, maintain, service and sell coffee equipment.

Market 2 now connects marketplace listings with the new product catalogue to make buying and selling coffee equipment even easier. Plus, listings and products also connect with new Company Profiles.


Product Catalogue

Explore coffee equipment for your business.

Plus, identify coffee companies selling items you like, view current marketplace listings, and find engineers to service equipment.



Buy and sell coffee equipment directly with other baristas

Plus, learn more about items you’re interested in and find local engineers to service or repair used equipment.


Companies Profiles

Find importers, equipment sellers, parts suppliers and engineers

Plus, browse the products they sell, view their marketplace listings and understand their services.

United Baristas Market supports coffee people

Baristas and coffee business can explore new and used equipment, sellers and engineers, and source equipment and parts.

Market 2 is the next step in our journey to improve industry viability and lower environmental impacts though better coffee equipment selection, maintenance and use. We want to keep coffee equipment in use across its full working life.

New features for business

New Company Profiles showcase products and services, as well as display marketplace listings.

Designed for a variety of coffee business types – including roasters, importers, equipment sellers and engineers – profiles are integrated with both marketplace listings and the product catalogue. Profiles automatically display in relevant positions across United Baristas Market based on location, brand relevance and services.

Plus Company Profiles benefit from discounted marketplace listings.  

More improvements to Marketplace

Market 2 builds on recent updates, including an emphasis on local listings, products and services, and the introduction of Trustshare as the payment escrow service platform.

Plus, it’s now easier to learn about items. Relevant listings integrate with the new Product Catalogue.

About United Baristas

United Baristas started seven years ago with a marketplace for baristas and businesses to buy and sell used coffee equipment. The objective was to keep equipment in use throughout its working life. Thousands of coffee machines have changed hands, with significant commercial and environmental benefit for the industry.

Market 2 expands our vision to include better sourcing and maintenance of coffee equipment. Enhanced industry profitability and reduced environmental impacts are achievable with appropriate equipment selection and better maintenance.

United Baristas Market is a central part of our strategy to reduce the coffee industry’s carbon footprint.

United Baristas Market

On Market 2, everything connects.

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