Introducing United Baristas Market: Buy & sell everything coffee related

United Baristas Market introduces new features so you can better buy and sell anything coffee related

Markets are the heart of the community. From London to Pike Place, Melbourne to Madrid, people gather to buy and sell their wares, socialise and making a living. The coffee community is no different. Since we launched Marketplace hundreds of espresso machines and grinders have changed hands enabling baristas to be better equipped, businesses to thrive and the coffee industry to lower its environmental impacts. It’s been a great success.

Our early users will remember that Marketplace was our first service. It has rapidly grown each year and is at the heart of the United Baristas community. But Marketplace is now grown so large it was important to make updates to support the next phase of the industry’s future – so we built United Baristas Market. 

Introducing United Baristas Market

United Baristas Market brings together the best bits from two of our previous services: Marketplace and Business – and add new features to make them even better. 

We are sure you’ll love using United Baristas Market. Here’s three reasons why:

Notifications just for you 

United Baristas Market allows you to set up custom notifications so you can get the notifications that are right for you. It’s now easier to find that specific espresso machine you’re looking for, monitor businesses that are suitable to acquire and follow updates from other members of the community.

Flexible listings  

One of the things we love about markets around the world is that people use them to buy and sell everything. Our favourite markets are diverse, eclectic and open to new ideas. 

We invite you make United Baristas Market work for you. Want to make money selling coffee sacks repurposed into something, go ahead a list your craft. Wish to sell your aftermarket coffee equipment parts or better espresso tool, you can now do so. Want to advertise your coffee consultancy, proceed to share it. Of course used coffee equipment is still a central part of United Baristas Market. And by incorporating the buying and selling of coffee businesses and leases from Business, we want to further facilitate better exits for proprietors and greater opportunities for growing coffee businesses.

With all these possibilities, we’ve created new listing options so your products can be easily found, showcased and clearly communicated (let us remind you again that listings with comprehensive information sell faster). Just select the right category, fill in the relevant fields, upload an image and select the listing option that is right for you.

Plus, you can now list and transact in five currencies including British Pounds, United States Dollars and Euros, and the listing price can now including or excluding taxes. We know some of you are jumping for joy right now because of how this will boost your business (you should consider buying us some coffee!).

Buy and sell safely

With greater variation of the products you’ll be buying and selling on United Baristas Market we’ve updated the ways you can buy and sell securely. Sellers can now offer buyers payment on collection, cash on delivery, PayPal and registered sellers can request payment for items on their own website. These options are great when you already know each other.

To enable buyers and sellers who do not know each other to buy and sell securely, we introduce Paylax escrow. This financially regulated service holds the funds in escrow and pays out when the buyer marks the transaction as complete. As well as being even more secure and easier to use than its predecessor (the payment escrow service), Paylax is typically cheaper and allows buyers and sellers to work out how to split the cost of the service amongst themselves. We hope you’ll find it useful and that it will continue keep our community safe and protected. And like any good market, it’ll help bring together an even larger circle of buyers and sellers.

Introducing Market Stalls

Before you start using United Baristas Market, sellers should take a minute to learn about Market Stalls. This new option is the equivalent of setting up a stall in a market to display your wares. Market Stalls are the best option for regular sellers and allow you to showcase your current items for sale as well as display information about your company.


We are excited to see what you buy and sell on United Baristas Market in 2021. We hope our work to build the all-new United Baristas Market helps to further support your objectives in the coffee industry and supports the industry as it gets back on its feet after covid-19. We now invite you to get started with all-new United Baristas Market.

You should now list new items on United Baristas Market. Both Marketplace and Businesses are closed to new listings but will temporarily remain accessible for current transactions to be completed. Please download any information or documents you require before 25 January 2021.