Introducing United Baristas Jobs: Coffee jobs, for coffee people

United Baristas Jobs takes the best bits from Careers, and makes them even better

United Baristas Jobs in the new service from United Baristas to connect coffee people with coffee jobs. It takes the best bits from Careers and adds new features to make finding your next coffee job or recruiting for your team even easier.

Better for Job Seekers

United Baristas Jobs has many new features making finding your next coffee job easier, but here’s three we think you’ll love:

  • Powerful Search: The new design integrates job function, location and other information making it easier to identify the right coffee jobs for you
  • Improvements to Alerts: Updates to alerts makes it easier to stay up-to-date with new job listings
  • New Applications: Easily and quickly apply for jobs using the new application process to better present your skills and personality to employers. Plus you can now message the employer if you have any questions.

Better for Employers

United Baristas Jobs is easier-to-use, more powerful and more data-driven.

  • Add your job vacancy to United Baristas Jobs with new cost-effective options
  • Data and transparency: Use data to increase you job listing quality. See how many times your job has been viewed, bookmarked and, if using the United Baristas Jobs application process, the number of applications.
  • Powerful marketing options: job listing marketing on United Baristas Jobs now reaches more people than ever before

New application process allows you to receive high-quality information from job seekers:

  • receive applications via email
  • review and manage applications on your dashboard, or
  • direct applicants to your own portal

Restart Coffee: Keeping the coffee industry working

As part of our Restart Coffee initiative, United Baristas is offering free job listings for employers recruiting new staff. It’s part of our objective to keep the coffee industry working.

Get started

You can start using the new United Baristas Jobs from today.

Transition and support

The new features on United Baristas Jobs are easy to use. If you you have any questions, check Service Updates for additional information and guidance will be added to Help Centre. You can also contact support.

Recruitment accounts on Careers

Active accounts on Careers have been automatically moved to United Baristas Jobs, including current job packs and subscriptions. Careers will be shuttered on 13 July 2020. Please download any information you require before this date. After 13 July you will no longer be able to login to your old Careers account, should you require specific files please contact support. All data from United Baristas Careers will automatically be deleted on 31 July 2020.

Employer Kit is the new version of recruitment kit. Current kits have been transferred to United Baristas Jobs and you can post jobs as long as your kit is active. If you end your subscription to your old kit you’ll have the option of purchasing a new Employer Kit.

Talent accounts on Careers

Job Seekers should now apply for jobs on United Baristas Jobs. Careers Resumes are not compatible with the new application process and have not been transferred to your new United Baristas Jobs account. Should you want to download information form your old Careers account before 13 July 2020.

New UB-iD

United Baristas Jobs is the first service to benefit from the all new UB-iD – and you can now securely sign up or login to United Baristas services using your email and password, Google or Facebook. Some users will need to generate or reset their password when first using the new UB-iD.