Introducing the Trustshare escrow service to United Baristas Market

The secure payment option to make buying and selling even safer as we grow

We have updated the payment escrow service on United Baristas Market to Trustshare.

As United Baristas Market grows, the gap between buyer and seller can increase. There may be less than six degrees of separation between you and Kevin Bacon, but that’s not sufficient security when he wants to buy your espresso machine or roaster.

How Trustshare works

The buyer pays into a secure account managed by Trustshare. Once the funds are received, Trustshare notifies the seller, who ships the item(s). When the buyer receives the items, they mark the transaction as completed, and the funds are released to the seller. The seller can then withdraw the funds, free of bank charges, to their bank account.

Trustshare operates in most countries and supports the three currencies currently available on United Baristas Market:

  • British Pounds
  • Euros
  • United States Dollars

How to use Trustshare

We have integrated Trustshare payments into United Baristas Market. Buyers can opt to securely purchase an item wherever they see this button.

Using Trustshare is cheaper than using its predecessor, the payment escrow service. The fee typically varies between 0.625% and 0.975% of the transaction’s value for each buyer and seller (with a minimum fee of £/€/$4.25). The fee is clearly shown as part of the payment process.

About Trustshare

Trustshare is a London-based company founded in 2020 that specialises in escrow payment services. Being a UK-domiciled company they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, are GDPR compliant and use a regulated, banking institution so escrow funds are held in a secure client account.

There are, apparently less than six degrees of separation between everyone on the planet and actor Kevin Bacon. But we needed a more robust system for United Baristas Market as we continue to grow. Image: Gage Skidmore.

Make sure you update your existing listings to make the most of these new functions.

Further enhancements to security and safety

This update of United Baristas Market makes the Trustshare payment option mandatory for all Basic listings. When listing an item for sale using a Basic listing plan you can also opt to offer any of payment on collection, payment on delivery or PayPal.

When listing an item for sale using a Standard or Featured listing plan, you can also opt to provide payment via bank payment, purchase on your website, or payment via cryptocurrency.

We make a variety of payment options possible to cover the breadth of buyer and seller requirements. For example, sometimes the buyer and seller can meet to exchange; other times, items are shipped. Make sure you always buy and sell securely on United Baristas Market.

  • Don’t pay strangers insecurely
  • Use Trustshare or benefit from PayPal’s buyer protections
  • Rate members of the community to establish their trust
  • Report suspicious listings or users

The journey continues

We are delighted that so many coffee people and businesses find United Baristas Market useful and want to thank you for being a part of our journey. Make sure you update your existing listings to make the most of these new functions. And we look forward to helping more people buy and sell anything, coffee related.