Going Local at the Market

It’s now easier to explore local items for sale on United Baristas Market.

The perfect neighbourhood has a good version of everything: a grocer, a pub, a park and, of course, a coffee shop. We’re big fans on the local, so the new version of United Baristas Market allows you to see everything available for sale in your neighbourhood.

For example, United Baristas is based in Peckham, London. Just look at all the coffee equipment near us.

As United Baristas Market has grown, it’s become more and more likely that the item you’re looking for is close by. So we’ve redesigned how you search and explore items.

You can now use location searches in most categories across United Baristas Market. As well as being able to find espresso machines or grinders near you, it’s possible to browse coffee-making equipment in general or even all equipment. You can choose how specific to make your search.

The new design also displays other related items that might be of interest. For example, when viewing a currently available 2-group Linea Classic for sale in Manchester, it’s possible to explore other local 2-group espresso machines and coffee equipment nearby. Nifty.

You can now easily explore other related, local items for sale on United Baristas Market.

Buying locally has a number of advantages. Firstly, it can make the exchange process easier if you’re able to delivery or collect in person.

Buying locally also reduces the hassle of packing and shipping as well as the carbon emissions associated with transport. Plus buyer and seller can save on shipping costs.

When you’re selling an item on United Baristas Market, it’s now more important than ever before that your item is correctly geotagged so it appears in the right location and local searches.

There are, of course, lots of occasions when the best item is farther afield or even abroad. So we’ve updated our Help Centre articles on buying items, making payments, and shipping to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible.

Plus, we’ve updated payment options so buyers and sellers can agree the option that offers the right safety and security for them. And with the change of the payment escrow service to Trustshare, it’s now the cheapest, and safest, option for transactions over ~£/€/$ 250. Using the Trustshare escrow service is recommended for most transactions on United Baristas Market.

So before you pop out to the local shops today (and then for a coffee), take a minute to explore all the items available near you on United Baristas Market.