Free Restart Coffee job listings help keep the coffee industry working

United Baristas launches United Baristas Jobs, the new service connecting coffee people with coffee jobs

As the country lifts from lockdown, the coffee industry is taking a new shape. Some coffee shops remain closed, while others are booming; many roasters presently have reduced volumes, but increased packing requirements; and many equipment businesses have vastly different patterns of demand.

Free Restart Coffee job listings

The new United Baristas Jobs launches today with a free job vacancy listing option to help keep coffee people working. For the next three months, coffee companies can take advantage of a free recruitment option on United Baristas Jobs to ensure that they get the best people for their fast-changing business needs.

This initiative is part of a broader set of actions from BaristaCare and Restart Coffee campaigns to support coffee people and companies through the coronavirus pandemic and to help build a better coffee industry for the future.

Launching United Baristas Jobs now provides support to the coffee industry and community during the Covid-19 pandemic

Tim, United Baristas founder

“Launching United Baristas Jobs now provides support to the coffee industry and community during the Covid-19 pandemic”, says United Baristas founder Tim Ridley. He continues, “Coffee is one of the most exciting and interesting careers and as an industry we needs to attract and retain the best possible people, so that we can continue to thrive over the medium term”.

New features

United Baristas Jobs builds on the best bits of Careers and contains new features to make it even easier to find, shortlist, and apply for a coffee jobs.

The new service includes:

  • Powerful search: The new experience integrations location, job functions and types to make it easier to find coffee jobs that meet specific requirements
  • Improvements to Alerts: Stay up-to-date with the latest job vacancies that match specific search requirements
  • New applications process: Easily and quickly apply for jobs using the new application process, which better presents skills and personality to employers
  • Powerful marketing: increased marketing reach to job seekers

United Baristas Jobs is now live

United Baristas Jobs launches on 8 July 2020.

Notes to Editors  

United Baristas started four years ago with a Marketplace for baristas and businesses to buy and sell used coffee equipment. The key objective was to facilitate the sale of used coffee equipment so that it would remain in use throughout its full working life. The service has been a success for the coffee industry with hundreds of machines kept in use, with all the personal, commercial and environmental benefits that ensue.

Over that time United Baristas has expanded its services including United Baristas Jobs. 

The services have grown quickly to become a key components of infrastructure for the specialty coffee community, doubling in size each year since launch.


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