Email Communications

Manage the emails you get from United Baristas to get the information you want

There are three types of automated United Baristas emails:

  • Newsletters: information from United Baristas about what we are doing, using our services and the coffee industry
  • Alerts & Notifications: new listing and search notifications from United Baristas services
  • Transactional: when using United Baristas services

Transaction emails are required and are an integral part of United Baristas services.

Newsletters and Alerts are managed differently:


We update our community on United Baristas services and activities by email newsletters.

United Baristas newsletters offer specific information, depending on your objectives and the United Baristas services you use.

To get the most out of newsletters, update your preferences to make sure the content is relevant for you. You can subscribe, update your preferences, and unsubscribe from United Baristas newsletters at any time:

  • Subscribe
  • Click the update newsletter preferences link on any newsletter (or start by entering your email address here)
  • Unsubscribe to all newsletters by clicking the ‘one-click unsubscribe’ link on any newsletter

Email Alerts / Notifications

Each United Baristas service offers email notification options to keep you informed about new listings, search results etc. You can update which notifications you receive at:

United Baristas Jobs

United Baristas Market

United Baristas Workshop

  • new settings coming with UBW 2.1

Other notification options

Stay up-to-date on United Baristas services and activities:


Listing specific