United Baristas Round Specialty Coffee Staffing for 2023 Roundtable

United Baristas Roundtable – Exploring Specialty Coffee Staffing for 2023

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Tentative / TBC

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12 October 2022
starts 18.30
Organised by United Baristas

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We're gathering the bright lights on the London coffee scene to scope the challenge of staffing in 2023 and to identify options and solutions for small and medium coffee businesses.

It's been challenging to meet staffing requirements after the pandemic.

United Baristas is gathering some of the leading lights from the London coffee scene at a Roundtable to explore:

  • the scale of the challenge
  • the drivers of staffing shortages

and more importantly:

  • options for updating shop propositions and formats
  • technology for productivity
  • recruitment
  • retention
  • + whatever the room wants to explore

Previous roundtables have helped to gain an industry wide perspective and scope options.


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