Total Coffee 2023

A new talks programme of actionable ideas and powerful insights

Total Coffee

Caffè Culture
3 & 4 October 2023
Business Design Centre, London, N1

Total Coffee is the new talks programme at Caffè Culture. It brings together a range of practitioners, experts and industry leaders to create actionable ideas and share powerful insights for baristas, managers and business owners.

Curated by United Baristas founder Tim Ridley, each session explores the interesting opportunities in front of the coffee industry and draws upon United Baristas connections and insight to help equip and inspire the coffee community.

Total Coffee explores four key themes that extend across the supply chain from crop to cup: tasting & enjoying coffee, building viable coffee businesses, making a positive contribution, and empowering people. Pick an edit of talks that suit your interests.

Full programme to be announced

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GReat taste

Eat, drink and be merry

Celebrate coffee’s distinctive flavours. And explore how we can better communicate flavour to customers.

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Business Viability

We love the coffee business

Explore the highs and lows of building and managing a viable coffee business – of any size.

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Be the change you want to see

Coffee can make a profound contribution tackling climate change and supporting the wellbeing of people across the community.

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Coffee for everyone

It’s people who make coffee distinctive, vibrant and a great industry within which to work.

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