Coffee Forever

Explore what we’re doing to help make the coffee industry viable, vibrant & sustainable. It’s a massive opportunity and a great challenge.

Join with baristas who want coffee to endure forever

Coffee is a delicate crop, and its future is uncertain

The combination of limited genetic variation, monoculture, and an increasingly unpredictable climate are threatening the ongoing viability and survival of coffee.

In 2019, United Baristas started our #coffeeforever campaign to both raise awareness of coffee’s perilous state, and to encourage baristas and coffee businesses to show commitment to the future of coffee.

Great work is underway. For example, World Coffee Research are developing new, more resilient varietals and the Initiative for Coffee & Climate is helping farmers understand and mitigate impacts of climate change.

United Baristas focus has been on the carbon emissions caused by coffee drinking. The coffee industry has a special and direct responsibility. Coffee’s carbon footprint is considered a ‘high intensity’ and the impacts of climate change both threaten coffee production and the livelihoods of many of the world’s coffee producers.

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£1 from each Coffee Forever item of apparel, and 50p from each tattoo, is donated with the work of World Coffee Research or the Initiative for Coffee and Climate.

Make coffee endure forever

Here some of the actions you can take personally and in your coffee business to help coffee endure forever.