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Communicating the Complexity of Coffee

A new exhibition in Munich showcases coffee’s journey from crop to cup, highlighting its inherent contradictions and integral place in contemporary society

An exhibition exploring the complex, and often contradictory, coffee supply chain from cultivation to consumption has opened at the Deutsches Museum, Munich.

The exhibition explores all parts of the supply chain, from cultivation to consumption.
Image: Duetsches Museum / Christian Illing.

A key theme of the exhibition is the complex and interdependent relationship between the various parts of the supply chain.

European Coffee visit the Cosmos Coffee exhibition

Sara Marquart, the exhibitions curator, explains that coffee is a natural product, but also highly engineered and economised; often grown with manual labour, but a global mass product; a social lubricant, but also tool for distinction; an everyday pleasure, but culturally charged consumer good with an at times revolutionary social history.

Technology is used throughout the exhibition to communicate the complexities at each stage of the coffee supply chain.
Image: Duetsches Museum / Christian Illing.

Cosmos Coffee is open at Deutsches Museum until 31 May 2020, and will then tour internationally. We’re sure you’ll be hoping it visits a city near you.

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Image: Duetsches Museum / Christian Illing.

Visit Kosmos Kaffee

Deutsches Museum
Museumsinsel 1
80538 Munich

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