Restarting Coffee: Managing coffee shop rent in the June quarter and into 2021

United Baristas founder Tim Ridley chats with London property expert Rob Fay on the extension of the moratorium – as well as the future of landlord – tenant relations

In March, the government first introduced measures to support and protect tenants unable to pay rent due the coronavirus lockdown. At that time we caught up with Rob Fay from Shackleton Property to understand the protections offered to tenants and how to go about discussing rent with your landlord.

In this edited Zoom chat United Baristas founder Tim Ridley talks again with Rob, this time about the extension of the moratorium to 30 September 2020 and what additional support may be in the pipeline for retail tenants over 2020 – 2021.

This video is part of Restart Coffee initiative, a set resources compiled by United Baristas to help you and your coffee business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Available until 26 December 2020

Updated on 6 August 2020

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