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Looking for a specific item? Let the coffee community know

You can now place requests for items on United Baristas Marketplace

Today we’ve introduced another tool to facilitate the sale and purchase of used coffee equipment within the coffee community. You can now place a ‘request’ for a specific item on United Baristas Marketplace.

Making a request creates a product listing which can be searched and browsed in the same way as other listings on United Baristas. Other members of the coffee community can then contact you with their relevant products.

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This article is scheduled for auto-deletion on Sunday 30 September 2018

How to place a request

Placing a request is as simple as listing an item — and it is free.

1. Click the ‘Post a new listing’ button

The ‘Post a new listing’ button is top right on the United Baristas website

 2. Select the relevant product category

These are the product categories you can currently request an item in

You’ll then be asked to select the relevant sub-category.

3. Select ‘Requesting Items’


4. Fill out the request details, including:

  • the product
  • specific details
  •  brand
  • condition
  •  location

Fulfilling a Request

Got a product to sell that fits the request specification? Just click on the ‘Contact’ button and follow the steps.

Keeping products in use is better for everyone

A key objective of United Baristas Marketplace is to enable the coffee community to keep coffee equipment in productive use for its full working life. This is better for baristas, businesses, the industry and the environment.

We hope this new feature will be useful for baristas looking for specific items.

If you require coffee equipment to help take your project or business to the next stage, request it from the coffee community on United Baristas Marketplace.

Use United Baristas Marketpalce

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