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United Baristas Celebrates Coffee’s Vibrant Flavours with New Collection

London, United Kingdom • United Baristas Newsroom

United Baristas has launched a collection of brightly coloured tote bags that celebrate coffee’s vibrant flavours

A coffee’s flavour varies depending on the varietal, origin and process method, and the grading and preparation greatly impact its quality. The top grades of coffee commonly have notes of berries, fruits, limes, and sugars, as well as herbs and spices.

The tote bags are made from sustainable crop cotton and come in airforce blue, mint green, light grey, pastel pink, and plain white. The colours were chosen from a range of 50 options to highlight some of the United Baristas team’s favourite coffee flavours.

“I’ve tasted thousands of coffees in my lifetime”, says Tim Ridley, founder of United Baristas, “and the best are vibrant and distinctive with clearly defined flavours, a refreshing acidity and a pleasant mouthfeel.”

During a review of brands in the specialty coffee industry, the team at United Baristas noted that the many are monochrome or brown. “This struck us as peculiar”, says Tim. He continues, “Coffee can taste of many things, but seldom of matt black or muddy brown.”

Not all people correlate flavour and colour, with estimates on the prevalence of the various forms of synesthesia varying between 1 in 4 and 1 in 100,000. However, professional tasters often associate flavours with concepts, such as colour, or specific memories, such as a place, person, or moment in their life. The ‘Coffee’ tote bag collection is designed to highlight the relationship between flavour and colour, and the celebrate specialty coffee’s vibrant and clean flavours.


The ‘Coffee’ tote bags are a limited edition and are now available from United Baristas Store, with UK, EU and global shipping options available.


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