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Just a Couple of Clicks

Today we release an update to United Baristas Profile allowing our community to securely log in with just a couple of clicks, using either a registered email address or their personal Facebook account.

The supported services include:
•, including United Baristas Store
• United Baristas Careers
• United Baristas Workshop

Magic Link

When signing in with email, users are now sent an email with a bespoke link to enable them to securely login to their account.

Features and Benefits

No passwords

The new process does away with the need for passwords by ensuring the account holding has a current, verified email address or Facebook account. Many of our users have many passwords, and now they now have one less to remember.


Accounts are managed by email addresses, so it doesn’t matter whether a you log in with the either the relevant email address or Facebook account.


The new process ensures users accounts are more secure. Passwords can no longer be guessed or suffer a brute force attack.


United Baristas
United Baristas Careers
United Baristas Workshop


United Baristas Marketplace retains a distinct log in process. More details are available here.
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