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How Baristas Can Get Paid More

Coffee’s productivity problem

People in coffee work hard, really hard; and often don’t get paid particularly well. The early starts, long hours and constant customer contact can wear out the most devoted coffee professional.

Many baristas are well set up with a classic notebook and pen, the latest technology, and a coffee in hand; so why aren’t they better paid?

There’s no shortage of extracurricular activities either. Many baristas travel to origin, compete in competitions, attend industry events and devote time to furthering their knowledge.

So with all this activity, energy and passion, why are coffee professionals not better paid?

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The True Cost of Espresso

It’s probably not what you think…

Just what are your customers paying for, and what does it cost you?

Coffee and cake, but what are customers actually paying for?

Justifying cup price

When specialty coffee hit London in the noughties a couple of mistakes were made. Ben Townsend, one time founder of The Espresso Room, has previously pointed out that we launched too cheaply by setting prices at only a small premium to high street coffee shops to encourage accessibility. I don’t disagree, but my sense has always been that the more egregious shortcoming was made by shops who told customers that the cup price of specialty coffee was set because espresso machines and green coffee are expensive. Many customers have come to believe that this is the situation – and now shop accordingly.

But, it’s just not true.
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