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Coffee Career Tips from Chris Baca

Want to build a successful career in coffee?
Chris Baca shares the things he wishes someone had told him earlier.

With more and more baristas interested in building a career in the coffee industry, we love it when people share their personal journeys and insights.

Chris explains that its probably not your coffee-making skills holding you back. Rather learn how to better lead and help others, communicate with your audience and elevate the organisations you’re involved in.

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Just a Couple of Clicks – Updates to logging in to United Baristas

Today we release an update to United Baristas Profile allowing our community to securely log in with just a couple of clicks, using either a registered email address or their personal Facebook account.

The supported services include:
•, including United Baristas Store
• United Baristas Careers
• United Baristas Workshop

Magic Link

When signing in with email, users are now sent an email with a bespoke link to enable them to securely login to their account.

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Taking Your Customers on A Grand Tour

Every coffee has a story, why not use a drone to share it

With all the stunning drone footage now kicking around on the internet, we’re amazed more coffee businesses haven’t taken inspiration and started sharing their origin experiences with their customers using drone footage.

With the new, compact Dji Mavic Air arriving soon, we expect to see an uptake of such films made over the 2018 and 2019 harvests. To get you started, here’s one of the few coffee farm films presently available on YouTube.

Baristas, it’s time to hone your drone skills.