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How much is my coffee equipment worth?

How to valued used coffee equipment

There is demand for used, good-condition espresso machines, but what are they worth?

We continue to receive requests to value used coffee equipment, especially espresso machines.

Our position has been  —  and is still is  —  not to provide specific valuations*; however, we’re increasingly aware that some guidance would be useful for the coffee community. So, here are some principles to help you set the selling pricing of your used coffee equipment.

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Accurately Communicating Prices on United Baristas Marketplace

Best practice for communicating Value Added Tax on listings

We’ve fielded and observed a number of queries about VAT on listings.

United Baristas has both trade and retail businesses as well as individuals as members, so we are taking this opportunity to highlight the best practice when communicating the listing price to avoid potential confusion.

Always list the item’s price inclusive of VAT

As has always been the case, list prices including VAT.

United Baristas does not offer an option to list items excluding VAT.

The listed price is the advertised price, inclusive of VAT, if any.

VAT registered

We are now providing more specific advice to avoid confusion where one or both of the parties are VAT registered.

In is important to note that a significant proportion of United Baristas members are unlikely to be VAT registered.

When selling

If you are VAT registered, we recommend that you communicate this in the listing’s description as it is relevant for prospective VAT registered buyers.

When buying

If you are purchasing an item and are VAT registered do not assume that the seller is also VAT registered. If you are uncertain, contact the seller for clarification.

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Full listing guidance is available at:

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Five tips to sell faster on United Baristas Marketplace

With more members, listings and sales, we now have better insights into the sale of used coffee equipment. We thought you’d be interested to know what we’re learning.

La Marzocco Linea PB
The La Marzocco Linea PB is one of the espresso machines coffee shops are upgrading to. Image: La Marzocco

Qualities of Faster Selling Items

We’ve seen significant variations in the time it takes items to sell: the quickest selling items are listed for less than a day with some other sales taking over a month.

Here are some qualities of faster selling items:

  1. Good photos showing the item clearly
    Items that sell quickly commonly have in-focus images showing the item, its condition and close ups of any damage or parts that require work. We say good photos because it’s more important to accurately document the item than it is to photograph it beautifully.
  2. Specific product information
    Most United Baristas members have good product knowledge, therefore better product listings provide specific product condition information rather than the model’s generic features and benefits. Be open about your item’s condition to build trust with the buyer.
  3. Are priced to sell
    There is currently a wide range of selling prices for similar items. Consequently, well priced items sell more quickly — in fact significantly more quickly. One of our objectives is to facilitate greater liquidity in the secondhand market so more consistent, market-based pricing can emerge.
  4. Have shipping options
    Faster selling items typically have free shipping or make use of the shipping tool. This makes sense as it obviously increases the pool of people able to easily acquire the item.
  5. Social sharing of the listing
    When you list an item it automatically gets included in the next United Baristas update and also gets posted on our social media channels. Faster selling items are commonly also promoted through the seller’s own social media channels.

What’s your experience?

Please let us know. We’ll continue to refine and develop our understanding from both your feedback and our data before updating our Best Listing Practices later in the Autumn.

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