Different Thinking on Brands

Brand as Values

It’s 1997, Steve Jobs has just returned to Apple. The company’s future is uncertain and the iMac, iPod and iPhone don’t yet exist. At this conference he talks about Apple’s brand and how it can find a place in an increasingly complex world.

If you want a deeper insight into Jobs’ thinking, watch his Apple WWDC 1997 Q&A before he’d even taken up the reigns at Apple again.

Brand as Outcome

Head of New Thinking at brand consultancy Wolff Olins, Robert Jones, posits that brands aren’t values; rather they exist in the minds of consumers and are shaped by an organisation’s actions.

Film: University of East Anglia

Brand Building

Jobs and Jones are, in many ways, saying the same thing: why does this brand deserve to exist? and would it be missed if it was gone? These are good questions to ask of your own business.

So, how do you create a brand?
Ije Nwokorie, Wolff Olins London CEO, talks about the process of branding – it’s messy.

Film: Design Indaba


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