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Barista Life celebrates the diversity of experience across the coffee industry, from growers to brokers, roasters to drinks.

Life in the coffee industry

Working in the coffee industry has many opportunities as well as its fair share of challenges. Explore the Barista Life section of United Baristas to gain an insight into our others build a career, manage their health and wellbeing, and work in service of the world’s greatest beverage.

Research into working in the coffee industry

In 2017, United Baristas carried out a research project into work opportunities and challenges into the coffee industry. We meet with hundreds of baristas from the UK in a series of roundtables, gathered industry data, and employment opportunity insights. Much of our current work is based on the insights gain as we work to develop life-long career progression for people working in the industry.

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Work in the coffee industry

Following the Barista Life research project is resolved to better connect coffee people with coffee jobs. The outcome is United Baristas Jobs, the leading coffee jobs platform for the coffee industry from United Baristas.